What the most profitable advertisements have in common

Sunday, 15:35 p.m.
July 1st, 2018

Dear Business Owner:

I just finished reading a book about creating advertisements that work.

And by “work”… I mean sell.

The book is called Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples–considered by many the “bible” of proven advertising techniques (yet completely ignored by most ad men).

It’s a goldmine if you’re not sure whether your advertising is working (or you know it’s not). For example, here are some characteristics it says are shared by the most profitable advertisements:

  • The headline appeals to the reader’s self-interest (e.g. “How I Improved My Memory In One Evening”)
  • The copy includes specifics rather than generalities (“prices reduced by 25%” rather than “prices reduced”)
  • They use long copy (it’s much easier for a salesman to sell a product in 10 minutes than 10 seconds–same for an ad)
  • Use 1 of 17 + ways to test response and sales value (e.g. have responders call and ask for “Miss Robinson”, note their name, then track how much they spend)

My favorite quote from the book: “I have seen one advertisement sell 19-1/2 times as much goods as another”.

This highlights the incredible difference between a good and bad advertisement.

But also…

How did he know that one ad produced nearly 20-times more sales?

Answer: by testing.

Many millions are wasted on advertising by dealing in opinions. This book is for businesses that want the facts about how to create a profitable advertising campaign… not one that wins awards.

I’m working on more posts on this subject, which I’ll share with you soon.

Until then…

Sincerest wishes for a happy life

and profitable business,

Callum Birch.