Top-notch business books nobody ever told you about

Herein lie 7 books you won’t find on many “what I’m reading” lists of marketing gurus.

And actually, they’re not even the best business, marketing or copywriting books, per se.

They’re just the books I’ve stumbled across and thought to myself, “why has nobody told me about this before?”

And which I think should be on your reading list.

Okay, enough.

Here’s the list:

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Getting Your Shit Together (Volumes 1 and 2), by John Carlton.

This terrific book is packed with advice on kicking ass at life as an entrepreneur. And it’s bloody good fun to read.

Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat, by Michael Masterson

As the title suggests, it’s a masterclass in building a $100 million business from scratch. Michael Masterson is a serial entrepreneur so there’s no theory here-it’s advice based on hard-earned experience.

Psychological Nudity, by Michael Savage

You probably know Michael Savage as the right-wing talk show host. But he’s also a talented storyteller. This book is a collection of transcripts from his shows-a first-class education in how to turn everyday events into fascinating stories.

No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs, by Dan S. Kennedy

This book changed my life. Why? Because if you lose money, you can always make some more. Not so with time. Dan Kennedy taught me how to get the most out of every second of every day. I’ve read it three times so far and I get something new out of it every time.

The System Club Letters, by Ken McCarthy

Ken McCarthy is considered one of the founding fathers of internet marketing. He led one of the first internet marketing masterminds-The System Club-which spat out some of the worlds best marketers. This book pulls back the curtain on private communications between Ken and system club members.

Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Charismatic & Influential Villains, by Ben Settle

Ben Settle is the best in the business at email copywriting, and this book is entertaining and fun to read. But don’t be fooled by its style-it’s actually packed with top-notch business and life advice.

The Travis McGee Novels, by John D. MacDonald

The Travis McGee novels are a world-class education in storytelling. In fact, the late great Gary Halbert insisted his copy cubs read the Travis McGee series to develop their copywriting skills.

And, I’ve got one (completely unbiased) bonus book for you…

My new book.

It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Nutritional Supplement Copywriting, and it’s chock full of age-old ways to produce marketing breakthroughs and boost advertising response–online, in direct mail and in space.

You can grab a paperback copy on Amazon for $14.97, or get a complimentary PDF copy here:

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