The Harry Redknapp school of copywriting

Harry Redknapp is a former football (soccer) manager.

And he’s one hell of a character.

A case in point…

There’s a great video of Big ‘Arry (as he’s affectionately known) giving a media interview at his team’s training ground. He was talking to the reporter… when… a ball smashed into his back.

On camera, ‘Arry turned around, red with rage, and stared at the pitch behind him.

“Who was that?!”

Somebody mumbled in the distance

“AY?” replied Harry. “You were aiming for the goal, and you hit me?”

He turned his back to the reporter… paused for a moment… and said:

“No wonder he’s in the F£($@£ing reserves.”


Anyway, getting to the point…

A few weeks ago, I was cooking boiled eggs on toast for breakfast. My wife likes to wander around the kitchen with her laptop, catching up on TV while she gets ready for work.

On this particular morning, she was watching an episode of ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.” (If you’re not familiar, it’s a UK TV show where celebrities are sent to live in the Australian jungle for a few weeks… where they have to eat kangaroo’s testicles and the like).

Over the sound of the kettle boiling, I could hear Big ‘Arry telling a story about Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary former Manchester United football manager.

And, there was something so compelling about what he was saying that I stopped the kettle from boiling, turned the volume up, and tuned in to listen.

There was Redknapp telling a story around a campfire, and the rest of the camp were leaning in, silent… totally engrossed. And so was I!

Why am I telling you this?

It’s simple: because it demonstrates the power of story telling.

It’s almost like we’re hard-wired to pay attention to stories. They’re entertaining. They’re easy to believe. We just have to listen.

And you know what?

Story telling works brilliantly in sales messages.

So, if you use compelling, relevant stories in your copy, your prospect will read every word. They’ll be drawn to you like a fly to cow poo. And, as the old sales adage goes:

People only buy from those they know, like and trust.

So, stories help you sell.

You can use stories in your lead.

You can make your entire ad follow a story narrative.

Unsurprisingly, stories are commonplace in supplement controls. Especially in the form of case studies which describe how a customer solved their health problems using the supplement, in their own words.

Powerful stuff.

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