Mission and Purpose

Callum Birch's mission is to help entrepreneurial small business owners bring their unique vision of success into reality.

This is done by providing owners with the ability to develop a clear picture of their dream business and the marketing tools to engineer it.

This is accomplished through a system of training, coaching and consulting which empowers owners to extract the maximum results from their business with the minimum investment of time, energy and capital—at the lowest possible risk.

This is achieved by establishing new income streams and profit centres, maximising under-performing distribution channels, exploiting overlooked opportunities and, ultimately, leveraging every asset for all it’s worth.

Callum’s superpower is getting past, formerly active clients, customers, patients or buyers started up again. In organisations with repetitively used products or services, this approach can produce windfall profits and add significantly to its bottom line on an ongoing basis—with minimal investment of time, effort, energy or capital.

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I have no idea whether what I do even fits your world. If it seems like we might be a good fit, I'll buy you 20-minutes of consulting time so we can discuss your business and plans for the future. To request a call, send a brief description of your business and plans to my PA, Samantha (Sam) Harper - details below. Please allow 3 working days for a response from Sam and 2-4 weeks from me.

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POST: 7 Beltane Place, Shaw, Wiltshire, SN12 8LE