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August 10, 2019

How to craft an irresistible supplement offer

The second most important element in your marketing promotions (after your market/list)…

… and THE most important element of your sales message…

… is your offer.


Because strong copy will NOT overcome a weak offer (for example, a low-quality supplement being sold at a premium and without a guarantee) …

But a strong offer will often succeed in spite of weak copy!

Now, I don’t mean a special offer like a discount on your normal price. Instead, think of an offer like a business proposition. The most common offer is something like:

“If you give me X amount of money, I will give you X product or service in return.”

That’s where most advertiser’s stop…

… but the offer can be made a LOT juicier.

For example, if you are selling nutritional supplements, a basic offer might be:

“If you give me X amount of money, I will send you one month’s supply of X supplement.”

Or you could sweeten the deal:

“We’ll send you one month’s supply of X supplement. Try it for the whole month without cost or obligation. We’ll even pay for the shipping and handling. If you notice an improvement in your arthritis symptoms and want to continue taking the supplement, then just send us a check. If not, or if you would like to stop taking X supplement for any other reason, then you don’t pay a penny.”

Now, you might be tempted to water-down your offer to reduce your risk.

If you offer a guarantee, for example, you may keep the time-frame short (like a 30-day money-back guarantee).

But that would be a mistake because, counter-intuitively, the longer your guarantee, the lower your returns.

I don’t know why. Perhaps customers just forget about the guarantee. But it doesn’t really matter why.

The point is: if you increase the length of the guarantee, you will normally increase sales and decrease returns.

Truth is, a good offer isn’t one that mindlessly slashes the price of the product to make more sales.

An effective offer delivers great service to your customer’s. It reduces their risk. It helps them overcome their doubts. And, it allows them to try your product and see the results for themselves without risk.

In fact, it is my contention that it is your moral obligation to do everything in your power to help your customers access your product.

If it’s a good product (and you DO have a good product, right?) then you can only solve their problem if they buy it.

What it all boils down to is this:

If you want to write an ad that sells your product…

… that beats the existing control…

… then you MUST spend time and effort looking for ways to sweeten your offer.

Here’s a good place to start:

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