Hi, I’m Callum Birch.

In 2020, I took on the two biggest challenges of my life:

1) I borrowed £100,000 to open a healthcare practice with my wife, Maria.

Callum's wife, Maria Birch.

2) I became a father when Maria gave birth to our daughter, Mabel.

Callum's daughter, Mabel

Oh yeah, we did both at the same time…

During the Covid-19 pandemic.

Queue the toughest, happiest and most transformational 2 years of my life.

On the business front, here's the first thing I discovered:

When you operate with bare minimum sleep, time and money - and add the pressure re-paying £100,000 of debt in 5 years - it's a melting pot of self-inflicted pain.

But it also forces you to make a decision: give in or adapt.

And in the process of adjusting, I discovered one or two things that I like to share on my blog.

For example, it's a bit like operating with a gun to your head....

You learn to cut the sh**, get straight to the point, focus on the things that get results, and ignore everything else. That's why I lived without a mobile phone for 2 years.


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