How I found a $287,000 per month opportunity for Kajabi

I’ve identified an opportunity for Kajabi to produce an estimated $286,560 monthly recurring revenue (MRR). I’ve also developed a strategy – and built the initial marketing assets – to exploit this opportunity for the minimum investment of time, energy, and capital. To be clear: I’m doing this without permission, so I’ve had to make some … Read more

There’s gold in the old (and the new)

Callum Birch with his daughter Mabel

On Saturday, we were planning to take our daughter Mabel to Exeter on her first train ride. Instead, we went on the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway, a restored steam train high on the North Devon coastline. The train puffed and whistled as we made ourselves comfortable in the restored Victorian carriage. As we chugged slowly … Read more

Top 10 copywriting resources

No messing around. Here they are: my top 10 favorite copywriting resources… 1. Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins 2. The Eugene Schwartz Phillips Publishing speech 3. John Carlton’s “Kickass Copywriting Secrets” 4. The Gary Halbert Letter 5. Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz 6. No B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses by Dan Kennedy 7. … Read more

4 ways to beef up your offer and increase sales

If you read yesterday’s post, you might remember me rambling about how your list and offer are more important than the copy in direct marketing. Sure enough, I was analyzing an online sales letter control for a pain relief supplement this morning and found lots of room for improvement in the offer. Now, this sales … Read more

Churchill’s marketing masterclass

June 4, 1940. It was the most troubled time in our history. Almost the entire British Army was enclosed by Nazi troops in Dunkirk, and a German invasion of Britain looked imminent. Civilian morale was at rock bottom. Churchill had no support from his war cabinet to fight back—they all wanted to negotiate with Hitler. … Read more

Email vs direct mail

“Why didn’t you just email them?” That’s what my aunty asked when she found out I sent a letter to 30 car dealers to negotiate for a new car. And it’s a good question. Why would I take the time to write 30 letters, sign them by hand, hand-address the envelopes, buy stamps and take … Read more

How to get read

A couple of weeks ago, I used direct mail to negotiate thousands off a new car. And today, I’d like to show you how one small part of that “campaign” contributed to its success. It’s one of the most critical components of direct mail, but it’s also the most frequently overlooked. I’m not talking about … Read more

The case against discounting

When Howard Wein moved to Philadelphia in 2004 to open a boutique steakhouse called Barclay Prime, he knew he needed to offer more than good food. Why? Because over 25% of restaurants fail within 12 months; 60% in the first three years. They fail for many reasons. Expenses are high. There’s an army of competitors. … Read more