August 10, 2019

Bugger off!

My new office door sign:

If you’re not familiar, “bugger off” is a less polite version of “go away”.

Needless to say, my wife isn’t overly impressed with the new sign.

In fact, she keeps taking it down…

… only to find it hanging again as soon as I find her hiding place.

But all jokes aside, when I say “bugger off”—I really mean it.

There’s nothing more harmful to productivity than interruptions.

Especially for deep work like writing.

In his book on time management, Dan Kennedy calls this Productivus Interruptus. And I don’t even need to make the point myself, because Dan sums it up perfectly:

“Put a stop to interruption and multiply your productivity.”

It’s that simple.

It’s why I no longer own a mobile (cell) phone. It’s why I don’t take live calls on my home phone (it goes straight to voicemail). It’s why I deleted my social media profiles. And it’s why I unapologetically hang my “bugger off” sign.

All of which a friend (lovingly… I think) described as “going full Dan Kennedy”.

And what led another friend (less lovingly) to call me a recluse.

Actually, the truth is that it’s really annoying being questioned about why I don’t have a mobile or use social media. I get it. It seems pretty extreme.

But I don’t care.

My productivity has soared…

… I’m writing more and better than ever…

… and I’m much happier now that my attention is not constantly dragged away from the important things in my life.

Something to think about.

And while you’re mulling it over, grab yourself a complimentary copy of my new book:

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