One way to attract like-minded clients

Gary Bencivenga, the world’s greatest living copywriter, wrote a superb newsletter called “Bencivenga Bullets”. Gary began that newsletter by sharing what he called “The Credo Technique”, which is Latin for “I believe”.

The Credo Technique is when you express your most strongly held values and beliefs.

When you do this, it helps you attract and bond with people who share your values and beliefs–your very best customers. And, it sets you apart from competitors who try to be everything to everybody.

For the purposes of demonstration, here are my most strongly held core values:

First, I believe that advertising is salesmanship multiplied by a mass medium. Therefore, its purpose is to sell, not to win advertising awards or satisfy egos.

Second, I believe in selling with integrity. You don’t have to manipulate or take advantage of anybody to be successful. And funnily enough, blunt honesty in advertising usually increases response. Who would have thought that honesty was the best policy?

Third, I believe in simplicity. Steve Jobs said that simplicity is harder than complexity, “but it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains”. In a world of multi-step, multi-channel funnels — the simplification of marketing has never been more powerful.

Fourth, I believe in “gun to the head copywriting”. That’s a term coined by the great John Carlton. It means writing as though you have to persuade the reader to respond — or, well, I’m sure you get the idea.

If you share these beliefs, then I’m very happy we’ve found each other. And I’d like to invite you to take my arm and join my email community.