4 marketing mistakes that murder sales

Marketers tend to make a lot of mistakes.

I know I used to.

In fact, many times I thought I was doing the right thing… only to find out I was making my situation a lot worse!

Below are some of the biggie mistakes.

Make sure you aren’t doing them:

Modeling the competition

Lots of marketers look to their competitors for inspiration. Their competitors look to their competitors. Before you know it, theirs a vicious cycle of “marketing incest”.

“I, I, I syndrome”

It’s all too common for marketers to talk about themselves rather than their customers. Go to any marketing agency website and you’ll see what I mean. I call this “I, I, I syndrome”… and… it’s a sure-fire way to repel prospective clients.

Focusing on the first sale

Selling more to existing clients isn’t as exciting or sexy and getting new clients… but… it’s a hell of a lot more profitable.

The engagement fallacy

Marketers who think Facebook invented advertising spout on about how many followers, likes, and comments they’ve got. My question is always: “what are your business metrics — revenue, profit, average order value, lifetime value?”